New and Future Games

Our inaugural game, Ritual, is nearing its Kickstarter launch. It's a fun and unpredictable cutthroat card game for 3-5 players which is easy to learn and quick to play, yet offers significant strategic depth.

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About Us

Once in a Blue is a game studio based in New England focused on designing, developing, and publishing impeccable games which provide unique experiences that will become a hallmark for your game nights.

We focus on creating high quality games and pay an incredible amount of attention to every little detail. Our philosophy is to build a system which is clean, crisp, and mature; one that will ensure a cohesive and fun experience while still leaving room for exploration and discovery by the player. The extra care given to the smallest of details is worth it even if it only makes the difference to one player—it is what makes us so proud of the games we publish.